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The ongoing maintanence of the Dhuni not only takes constant work, it also requires our help for funding.


The Shakti Dhuni is financed by donation only. Donations pay for maintanence, puja items, supplies and firewood (Rs 30,000 per year). We also provide a small allowance for our long term pujaris and a small wage for our indian care taker.


If you feel inspired to give financial support please note the donation button below, which offers the options to pay by credit card or paypal account.

Alternatively contact us for the details to make a direct bank debit.


Thank you for your support


Maha Shakti Dhuni




Presently Tiger & Deepa are managing this web site. They have been closely involved with the dhuni and taking care even when on a distance in the last years.

We are now in process of having it permanently served with a Pujari. As we are independent financially of the Samaj we got organized with a bank account.

This is in Australia under the management of Tiger Singh and Raghuvir overseeing it all. It is transparent and can be looked in at any time. The pujari who ever that may be will have a debit card to purchase the necessities. 




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