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Maha Shakti Dhuni

The sacred Maha Shakti Dhuni, located by the Gautami Ganga river in the gardens below Haidakhan Ashram was built with Babaji's own hands and inaugurated  in August 1983.


Babaji installed the much loved Harigovinda Baba. Harigovind Baba lovingly nurtured the dhuni constantly for many years. Many people have experienced the power and love of the Divine Mother that was evoked  both during and since that time.


Many inspired devotees have done great service for Ma and the Dhuni over the last thirty years. During its recent history the Dhuni and the scared fire was not attended to during high summer and monsoon seasons. But once again the Dhuni fire burns continuously due to devoted and inspired pujaris and pujarins and the work of a local villager Bachhi Singh - himself a village pujari.


The ongoing maintanence of the Dhuni not only takes constant work, it also requires our help for funding.

The Shakti Dhuni is financed by donation only. Donations pay for maintanence, puja items and supplies, firewood (Rs 30,000 per year). We also provide a small allowance for our long term pujaris and a small wage for our indian care taker.


If you feel inspired to give financial support please note the donation button below or contact us for the details to make a direct bank debit.


Thank you for your support


Maha Shakti Dhuni




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